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3D laser scanning is a fast, effective and accurate means of surveying building features in incredible detail.

3D laser scanning can be of great benefit to any project. Swantest are at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology and have the capability to provide this service to our clients.

We use the latest 3D laser scanning equipment which can capture millions of measurements in 3D called point clouds. From this we can produce a 3D digital model of the subject which enables us to provide you with a highly sophisticated, efficient and cost effective survey for your project, to millimetre accuracy. 

3D laser scanning is rapidly replacing traditional survey methods due to its fast data capture rates and superior accuracy. Swantest have experience in applying this technology throughout the construction, demolition, oil & gas and other industries.


- Remotely capture data from potentially hazardous sites, e.g. unsafe buildings, motorways.

- Fast data capture; critical on sites with limited access, e.g. lives buildings.

- Complete data capture enables further investigations to be carried out later without costly returns to the sites.

- Reduces the cost and downtime associated with construction rework, site revisits and field changes.

- Lower costs as-built and topographic survey method compared to alternatives.

- Improved accuracy and precision reduces the risks associated with project execution.

- Highly-detailed data improves decision-making and engineering designs.

- Enables factory fabrication, as opposed to field fabrication.

- Enables 3D Modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM).


- As-built Surveys

- Site Surveys

- Engineering Surveys

- Topographic Surveys

- Deformation Analysis

- Architectural Restoration

- Heritage Site Survey

- Archaeology

- Bridge and Overpass Surveys

- Tower Surveys

- Pipeline Surveys

- Construction Inspections

- Set Surveys for Theatre/TV Effects

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