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Cladding  Tests

Impact tests on cladding are carried out in accordance with TN75/76.

Swantest can provide bespoke testing solutions for various types of cladding systems. This can include testing the cladding panel itself, the fixings used to restrain it, or the base material on which it is to be installed.


Previously we have carried out tests on new types of cladding systems where the impact of cleaning teams who would abseil down the structure was unknown. 

Swantest were able to set up a series of test panels to replicate the onsite setup to test the impact resistance of the external cladding panels as well testing the friction resistance of the fixings brackets that secure the panels. 

We have the capability to carry out these types of tests at our test facility.


Similarly, we have tested cladding panel in-situ on buildings to check the fixings and the panels integrity against wind loading.

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