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Geotechnical Tests

All in-situ testing is carried out in accordance with BS 1377-9:1990

Swantest can carry out a range of in-situ geotechnical tests on soils, sub-grades and other materials.


These includes Plate Bearing Tests, Light Drop-Weight Tests, Shear Vane Tests and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Tests.


This type of testing can be used for verifying piling mats, determine CBR values and establishing the ground bearing capacity of soils and clay's prior to bringing in heavy equipment or handing over a site.


This provides our clients with certification that the ground being tested is suitable for its purpose.

To provide our clients with the most accurate and reliable data, we use the latest high quality test equipment. We can provide a fast and accurate measurement of CBR values which are critical to ensure the quality of material on site is as intended.


In-situ geotechnical tests can be used to establish the information needed to design earthworks and foundations for proposed structures.


By testing and checking ground condition in this manner it can for part of a robust quality assurance scheme for contractors handing over a site to a new client.

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