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Non-Destructive Testing

Swantest has substantial experience in the use of many Non-Destructive Testing methods. These types of tests can be used to evaluate the properties of materials, components or structures without causing damage.

Swantest can provide the following services:

Ferro Scanning: Enables easy location of steel reinforcement in concrete. Also used to determine slab thickness and location of other utilities within concrete structures.

Borescope Inspections: Allows for detailed inspections of areas that are not accessible. Using a small flexible camera, we can inspect service ducts, riser, voids and other such areas.

Ultrasonic Pipe Thickness Tests: Using ultrasonic techniques we can determine pipe thickness without any intrusive drilling. This can be used to calculate weights or analyse pipe corrosion.

Schmitdt Hammer Tests: A fast and effective means to measure the strength of concrete, surface hardness and penetration resistance.

Condition Surveys: An essential part of any construction or demolition project is to carry out a detailed survey of adjacent properties and surrounding areas.

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