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Preloading, Torque Loading & Hydraulic Jacking

Swantest can provide the expertise and capability to preload a range of steelwork installations. Using hydraulic equipment we can effectively induce a determined load into a steel support system. This is a safe and assured method of reducing the amount of movement in surrounding areas when excavation work commences and control the deflection in the steelwork.

This can include preloading flying shore props, king posts or raking props in large basement excavations.


Similarly, we can preload holding down bolts or anchors which are being used to restrain large loads, such as on tower crane bases or retaining wall anchors.

Torque loading is done to make sure the correct and efficient clamping together of two surfaces. This prevents over-stressing, distortion, and shearing of bolts, studs, nuts, etc. Swantest can carry out this work on a wide range of structures to provide our clients with independent assurance of quality control on their projects.

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