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With a team of experienced engineers Swantest has a depth of knowledge to provide structural surveys across a range of projects.

These can include:

Structural investigation

Swantest can provide a team to carry out intrusive works in a building to understand and confirm the construction of that building. This can include break out of concrete encased steel beams and columns, core drilling slabs, material sampling testing, trial pits and other exploratory works. 

Temporary works inspections

As a legal requirement, all aspects of temporary works must be inspected regularly. Swantest have qualified temporary works coordinators who can carry out inspections on a wide variety of installations. Including site hoarding, propping, tower cranes, scaffold. formwork, facade retention systems, edge protection and many other elements. All inspections will include a full report.

Condition Surveys

Also known as a fabric survey, this is an essential tool to fully understand the condition of a building or structure prior to any refurbishment or demolition work commences. Swantest engineers can carry out a detailed photographic survey to identify any existing defects in a building.

Damaged Building Survey

Swantest can carry out a structural assessment of a buildings structural integrity if it has been damaged in any way. This can be from collision damage, collapse, fire or explosion damaged structures. Our experienced engineers can assess the structure and make recommendations on how to provide stability while repair work is carried out.

king william - swantest crane installed
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